”Conversations with Farmec (Charm)” – Lilia Dicu, “You deserve because you exist!”

by simonab

Our guest for the fourth episode of the “Conversations with Farmec”  podcast was Lilia Dicu, a dear friend, Master Certified Coach, and founder of Daring Executive Coach. With extensive knowledge and skills in training, consulting, and mentoring, Lilia is an international coach and works mainly with multinational companies, both for the objectives of the organizations and for the personal goals of the Executives. Her experience in People Management in the corporate sector contributes to her training, consulting, and mentoring skills, being tested by demonstrated practice.

Passionate about knowledge, Lilia is constantly improving her coaching skills, both with avant-garde tools in the field as well as with tools from emerging disciplines. Lilia trained with Alain Cardon in Systemic Coaching, with the Newfield Network in Ontological Coaching, with Alan Seale in Transformational Leadership, with Gita Belin in the “Evolution of Consciousness” method, and with Peter Hawkins in Systemic Organizational Coaching. Also, Lilia holds the title of Master NLP, using the GESTALT Systemic Constellations of Family, ESPERE method. Lilia has studied with world-class specialists in instruments which are often valued as “going ahead of what that world is prepared for”  with world-class specialists in instruments who are often viewd as “going ahead of what that world is prepared for”.

Lilia’s coaching method focuses on supporting people to find the best solutions for themselves, taking into account the environment, experience, and resources they have at their disposal. She guides them to devise clear implementation plans so that those trained feel motivated and capable to achieve their goals. 

During our discussion, Lilia debunked the most common coaching myths and revealed to us what are the steps to follow in the journey to become better, both on a personal level as well as professionally. Our conversation began with a few revelations about our guest, with less known things about her, through which we came to know her as a professional, as a person, a mother, and a woman.

Lilia strongly believes that every person has something special, something unique, something beautiful and these qualities sometimes surface due to certain happenings or circumstances and, other times, they never reveal themselves. And this is where her role comes in, to discover and reveal the potential of every person she works with. “What I am and what I work with others I am first and foremost with my family,” says Lilia.

Because her work is also related to education, at 4:50 in the recording, Lilia talked about competitiveness, at school and in the family, about the rules created by parents in children’s education. “Just as the sun shines and sheds light on the stones, the flowers, so must we pour out humanity on people and especially on the children in our lives.” Then we learned about her career path, how she discovered coaching, and what it means to be a coach.

Minute 11:50: “I have studied a lot and I like to learn. For me, learning has always been a pleasure.”

At 14:10, we began discussing and debunking the most common coaching myths, such as:

  • Successful people do not need coaching.
  • You have to choose between your personal and professional life, they can’t both be prosperous.
  • Personal development involves the continuous desire for change, so it leaves no room to be satisfied with oneself.

Starting at 27:25, we discuss the teaching profession, how Lilia would change education if she had a magic wand, and what would be the role of a coach for teachers.

At minute 42:32, we learn from Lilia three “tips and tricks” from coaching, which a teacher can use with his students in class:

  • To use their full presence
  • The importance of positive language
  • To give students the freedom and responsibility to communicate and do what they want

And the last challenge is an exercise in imagination: what message would Lilia send to the teacher who influenced her life at some point? You can find out the answer at 53:00 and it is a very touching message that is addressed to all teachers.

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