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Mission Statement

Our Mission is to inspire the path for teachers to unlock their personal and professional potential, teach from the heart, and generate positive emotions while modeling their attitude and behavior within their classrooms.

Vision Statement

Our Vision is to provide innovative training programs built on the neuroscience research of mindfulness, resilience, and well-being that links kindness and self-care to overall emotional and behavioral health.

The A.R.A.T. Effect

The A.R.A.T. Effect builds the foundation of a thriving school culture that starts with the mindset of teachers learning to lead themselves through effective well-being practices. In return, teachers learn how to better lead their students to higher achievement through proactive practices for academic and behavior well-being.


Heads of School Presentation

Duration: 3h

Heads of schools will be presented facts about the high levels of stress teachers face, the latest neuroscience evidence and the need for a holistic approach to teacher well-being that leads to student well-being and a thriving school culture.

The Teacher Training Program

Introductory Session

Duration: 3h

Teachers will understand the effect stress has on the quality of life and will learn new behavioral strategies to decrease stress levels.

The 4-phase journey


Experiential training:
Duration: 1 day
Teachers will learn about and experience the A.R.A.T. Effect through practical exercises. (+personal journal for the next 28 days)


The Community:
Duration: 28 days
Teachers will be invited to join an online moderated community where they can share best practices, receive printables, and ask for support if needed, all the while working on their 5-minute a day, 28-day personal journal, that guides them on their journey.


Follow-up & Planning:
Duration: 2h
At the end of the 28-day journey, participants will take part in one final training, where they share experiences and develop a personal and professional plan.


Book Implementation:
Implementation of The Teacher Within book, that creates a behavioral shift for teachers and a thriving school culture.

Praise for Happy Teachers

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