Conversations with Farmec (Charm), Oana Moșoiu – “Teachers are heroes!”

by simonab

Our guest for the sixth episode of the podcast “Conversations with Charm” was Oana Moşoiu, university lecturer, coordinator and trainer, creator of continuous training programs for teachers, mother, and friend, with whom we’ve had a pleasant and inspirational discussion, full of innovative ideas, both professionally and personally.

At the beginning of our conversation, you will discover Oana’s story, which begins with the role of “learner”, as it has been shaped since she was little. Even though she initially wanted to study psychology, during her school years, her desire took on another form – pedagogy.  Her desire to pursue this vocation was influenced by her family and by the people she was surrounded by at the time, and she followed it with an “open heart”. Studying more and more pedagogy, she has grown a lot into it and the passion to offer educational experiences not only to students but also to teachers.

Oana’s journey in the process of finding her calling as a teacher was sprinkled with a few obstacles and difficulties until she reached success and she believed that, for her, this vocation is more of a hobby, not just a job.

As a teacher, her love for the students has motivated her to continue within this vocation and her faith in God offered her faith in people, having the conviction that “she was left with a mission”, the response to this self-interrogation was felt by her as a positive one.  Oana is convinced that her role is to be a teacher.

During our discussion, Oana stated that it is necessary for the teacher to have a certain clarity in choosing this vocation, for it to be a conscious choice for her/him, in order to be able to perform it with more joy. The system of relief and charging with energy must be ,,very well set up” because the teaching career is a very energy-consuming one. 

At 11:28, Oana talks about the ways in which the teachers can highlight their strengths, anchor themselves in the present moment, as well as value the children’s talents. All these being legitimate aspects of the teacher’s vocation.

At minute 19:25, Oana responds affirmatively to an imagination exercise that is based on the film she sees in education for 2025, offering a colorful and lively vision of the teacher-student relationship in the future. And, at minute 24:32, she describes the vision she has, as a mother, for her students and children for 2025. As a message for this context, Oana tells the students, among other things, that “I am here and I support you!”.

During the conversation, we also discussed about long-term regenerative education. The main aspects that Oana highlighted as regenerative effects in the educational process were:

  • Correctness
  • Cultivating feelings
  • Cultivating values
  • Student support in learning
  • Focusing on the applicability of the information taught
  • Focusing on the teacher
  • Accepting mistakes

In the last part of the podcast, Oana did a final imagination exercise in which she sends a message to the teacher who had and still has a significant impact in her life. This is a message that validates and values the character of the teacher and their work. You will can discover the message at minute 46:33.

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